About me and my work


​​​​Since graduating in 2004 I've been exhibiting my horse sculptures in galleries and interior design houses both here in the UK and abroad. My work is enjoyed for its unique style and sensitivity, drawn from childhood with my horses and other animals.


I've spent the past few years experimenting with new materials and techniques, the making process being an integral part of what I do. My aim is to create work that is both decorative and emotive, I try to capture how I feel about the horse, through movement and subtle gesture. My horses come to life as a recollection, a musing on past experiences and interactions. Some horses are stubborn and difficult, and choose for me a moment I may have forgotten. Others come willingly and patiently, allowing the images to flow and form before me with ease.


I now live and work between the UK and Saudi Arabia, the magnificent arabian horse and its noble status has inspired me greatly.

horse sculptures
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