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   About me and my work


Inspired by the grace and beauty of the horse my work is known and loved for its unique style and sensitivity, drawn from my childhood riding and keeping horses. Many a long summer day was spent exploring the moors and woodlands of Yorkshire where I grew up. I developed a deep love for the countryside and natural forms, and a special bond with the horse.


My horse sculptures can be found in some of the worlds most high profile and prestigious interiors including those of talk show host and actress Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. They are sought after by many leading interior designers including Louise Bradley, Sophie Paterson and Clements design.

'Horses for me represent something more, a sense of otherness, a familiar form that transports us, for a moment beyond ourselves. They run deep in our blood and provide a feeling of safety and companionship. My horses strive to capture this deep connection we have with each other. I sculpt a recollection, a joyful celebration of my time with my horses. I enjoy the graceful lines and movement of the horse rather than truth to life. I love them to dance and seem to interact with each other and their viewer.' 

horse sculptures
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